Maternity Nursing Flashcard Index - Edition 2 (Pre-2023)

Here is the list of topics covered in our Maternity Nursing Flashcards for nursing students, which can be used as an easy reference guide for your flashcards. This is also an essential list of the Maternity/OB topics to know for your nursing exams!

Maternity Nursing Study Guide and Flashcard Index
Topic Card # Section
Amniotic Fluid Embolism 78 Labor and Delivery
Amniotomy 69 Labor and Delivery
Bishop Score 68 Labor and Delivery
Breathing Techniques 56 Labor and Delivery
Cervical Ripening 69 Labor and Delivery
Cesarian Section (C-section) Birth 76 Labor and Delivery
Effacement vs. Dilation 55 Labor and Delivery
Effleurage 56 Labor and Delivery
Epidural Block 58 Labor and Delivery
External Cephalic Version 67 Labor and Delivery
Factors Affecting Labor 51 Labor and Delivery
Fetal Assessment 59-62 Labor and Delivery
Fetal Bradycardia 64 Labor and Delivery
Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring 61 Labor and Delivery
Fetal Heart Rate Patterns 63-66 Labor and Delivery
Fetal Position 52 Labor and Delivery
Fetal Station 53 Labor and Delivery
Fetal Tachycardia 64 Labor and Delivery
Forceps-assisted Delivery (FAD) 71 Labor and Delivery
Labor Dystocia 74 Labor and Delivery
Labor Induction/Augmentation 69-70 Labor and Delivery
Late Decelerations 65 Labor and Delivery
Leopold Maneuvers 59-60 Labor and Delivery
Normal Findings for FHR 63 Labor and Delivery
Oxytocin 70 Labor and Delivery
Pain Management During Labor 56-58 Labor and Delivery
Physiologic Changes Before Labor 49 Labor and Delivery
PMI Based on Fetal Position 62 Labor and Delivery
Precipitous Labor 79 Labor and Delivery
Premature Rupture of Membranes (PROM) 72 Labor and Delivery
Preterm Labor 73 Labor and Delivery
Prolapsed Umbilical Cord 75 Labor and Delivery
Pudendal Nerve Block 57 Labor and Delivery
Sacral Counterpressure 56 Labor and Delivery
Spinal Block 58 Labor and Delivery
Stages of Labor 54 Labor and Delivery
True vs. False Labor 50 Labor and Delivery
Uterine Rupture 77 Labor and Delivery
Vacuum-assisted Delivery (VAD) 71 Labor and Delivery
Variable Decelerations 65 Labor and Delivery
VEAL CHOP 66 Labor and Delivery
Anthropometric Measurements 85 Newborn Assessment/Care
Apgar Scoring 80 Newborn Assessment/Care
Bathing and Cord Care 112 Newborn Assessment/Care
Breastfeeding 108 Newborn Assessment/Care
Breastmilk Storage 109 Newborn Assessment/Care
Car Seat Safety 114 Newborn Assessment/Care
Circumcision 111 Newborn Assessment/Care
Crip Safety and Sleeping 113 Newborn Assessment/Care
Formula Feeding 110 Newborn Assessment/Care
Head 88 Newborn Assessment/Care
Heel Stick 92-93 Newborn Assessment/Care
Hyperbilirubinemia 100-102 Newborn Assessment/Care
Hypoglycemia 96 Newborn Assessment/Care
Infant Nutrition 107 Newborn Assessment/Care
Lochia Assessment 117-118 Newborn Assessment/Care
Macrosomic Infant 97 Newborn Assessment/Care
Meconium Aspiration Syndrome 106 Newborn Assessment/Care
Medications After Delivery 94 Newborn Assessment/Care
Necrotizing Enterocolitis 99 Newborn Assessment/Care
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) 95 Newborn Assessment/Care
New Ballard Scale 82-83 Newborn Assessment/Care
Phototherapy 102 Newborn Assessment/Care
Physical Assessment 89 Newborn Assessment/Care
Postmature Infants 105 Newborn Assessment/Care
Preterm Infant 103-104 Newborn Assessment/Care
Reflexes 90-91 Newborn Assessment/Care
Sepsis Neonatorum 98 Newborn Assessment/Care
Skin 86-87 Newborn Assessment/Care
Thermoregulation 84 Newborn Assessment/Care
Vital Signs 81 Newborn Assessment/Care
Breast Care 120-121 Postpartum Care
Cardiovascular Changes 127 Postpartum Care
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) 128-129 Postpartum Care
Endometritis 132 Postpartum Care
Fundal Assessment 115-116 Postpartum Care
Fundal Height 116 Postpartum Care
Mastitis 133 Postpartum Care
Maternal Role Attainment 123 Postpartum Care
Mental Health Concerns 134 Postpartum Care
Parental-Infant Bonding 124 Postpartum Care
Perineum Care 119 Postpartum Care
Postpartum Hemorrhage 131 Postpartum Care
Postpartum Immunizations 122 Postpartum Care
Pulmonary Embolism (PE) 130 Postpartum Care
Sexual Intercourse 126 Postpartum Care
Sibling Adaptation 125 Postpartum Care
Abstinence 1 Preconception
Condoms 2 Preconception
Contraception 1-7 Preconception
Diaphragm 2 Preconception
Tubal ligation 7 Preconception
Infertility 8 Preconception
Intrauterine Device (IUD) 6 Preconception
Vasectomy 7 Preconception
Medroxyprogesterone (Depo-Provera) 4 Preconception
Natural Family Planning 1 Preconception
Oral Contraceptives 3 Preconception
Subdermal Implant 5 Preconception
Transdermal Patch 5 Preconception
Vaginal Ring 5 Preconception
Withdrawal 1 Preconception
Abruptio Placentae 44 Pregnancy
Amniocentesis 26 Pregnancy
Amniotic Fluid Abnormalities 48 Pregnancy
Biophysical Profile (BPP) 28 Pregnancy
Calorie Intake 20 Pregnancy
Candidiasis 37 Pregnancy
Cervical Insufficiency 42 Pregnancy
Chlamydia 34 Pregnancy
Chorioamnionitis 48 Pregnancy
Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) 25 Pregnancy
Contraction Stress Test (CST) 29 Pregnancy
Eclampsia 45-46 Pregnancy
Ectopic Pregnancy 32 Pregnancy
Estimated Delivery Date 16 Pregnancy
First Trimester Visit 12 Pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) 40-41 Pregnancy
Gestational Hypertension 45-46 Pregnancy
Gonorrhea 34 Pregnancy
Gravida Terms 15 Pregnancy
Group B Streptococcus Beta-hemolytic (GBS) 47 Pregnancy
GTPAL 15 Pregnancy
HELLP 45-46 Pregnancy
HIV/AIDS 35 Pregnancy
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) 17 Pregnancy
Hydatidiform Mole (Molar Pregnancy) 31 Pregnancy
Hyperemesis Gravidarum 36 Pregnancy
Hypertensive Disorders 45-46 Pregnancy
Iron-deficiency Anemia 38 Pregnancy
Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotein (MSAFP) 18 Pregnancy
Maternal Teaching 19-23 Pregnancy
Nonstress Test (NST) 27 Pregnancy
Nutrition 19 Pregnancy
Oligohydramnios 48 Pregnancy
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) 18 Pregnancy
Physiologic Changes During Pregnancy 10-11 Pregnancy
Placenta Previa 43 Pregnancy
Polyhydramnios 48 Pregnancy
Preeclampsia (Mild/Severe) 45-46 Pregnancy
Prenatal Care 12-16 Pregnancy
Rh Factor 17 Pregnancy
Second Trimester Visits 13 Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Infections 34 Pregnancy
Signs of Pregnancy 9 Pregnancy
Spontaneous Abortion (Miscarriage) 30 Pregnancy
Syphilis 34 Pregnancy
Things to Avoid During Pregnancy 21 Pregnancy
Third Trimester Visits 14 Pregnancy
TORCH 33 Pregnancy
Trichomoniasis 34 Pregnancy
Ultrasound 24 Pregnancy
Unpleasant Side Effects 22-23 Pregnancy
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) 39 Pregnancy
Warning Signs of Complications 21 Pregnancy
Weight Gain 20 Pregnancy