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Review and track your progress working through our library of hundreds of educator-approved videos across 9+ nursing subject areas (and more being added!). From Med-Surg and Pharm to Psychiatric Mental Health and Peds, these ad-free videos have helped literally hundreds of thousands of students and nurses Level Up! Also new core content videos always come to Membership before they are published to YouTube or other platforms, ensuring that Members get our newest content FIRST.

Big Subjects, Quick Reviews

This MEMBERSHIP EXCLUSIVE includes overviews for EIGHT MAJOR subjects (Pharm, Med-Surg, Peds, Maternity, Fundamentals, Health Assessment, Psychiatric Mental Health, and Nutrition!) These "cram courses" are the ideal review tools you've been looking for to get you ready right before an important exam. Our ever-growing bank of review questions is also just what you need to make sure you're up to speed.

Dominate Dosage Calculation


The complete online Dosage Calculation Course is included, ready whenever you need it! This course provides the most complete, flexible approach available to help you master dosage calculation. It is built to help you learn YOUR way.

ANCC Accredited Contact Hours & More

Specialty Courses & Contact Hours

Members get complete access to our library of speciality courses including ABG interpretation and EKG interpretation, along with all of our ANCC accredited contact hours. Whether you’re a practicing nurse working on required Contact Hours or you just want to go deeper, these are for you!

NCLEX Coming? Get Ready.

Get the review course we wish had existed before we took the NCLEX! With high-level reviews in every subject, focused reviews of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base imbalances and an entire section of test-taking strategies, the NCLEX Prep course found in Membership is the best way to use your limited time. It is laser-focused on the most testable, critical information for your success.

Exclusive members-only perks

Your Membership gets you special pricing on all of Level Up RN’s physical products which were built to work perfectly with Membership content. Double-down on your studies with the best nursing flashcards, review games to make you LOL (and Level Up), our yearly planners and more.

Members also get special access to new products and resources!

400+ subject specific videos

Whether you need to dig deep into Pharmacology, Med-Surg, Peds or beyond, we've got you covered!

30+ contact hours

Our ANCC accredited Contact Hour library is constantly growing!


Core Content

Learn the most important topics from Level Up RN's extensive video playlists

Clinical Skills Core Content

Fundamentals Core Content

Health Assessment Core Content

Maternity Core Content

Medical-Surgical Core Content

Nutrition Core Content

Pediatrics Core Content

Pharmacology Core Content

Psychiatric Mental Health Core Content

Review Questions

Test your knowledge with practice questions.

NCLEX Review Questions

Fundamentals Review Questions

Health Assessment Review Questions

Maternity Review Questions

Nutrition Review Questions

Medical-Surgical Review Questions

Pediatrics Review Questions

Pharmacology Review Questions

Psychiatric Mental Health Review Questions

Clinical Skills Review Questions

Cram Courses

Compact review of the most highly testable, must-know facts.

Fundamentals of Nursing Cram Course

Health Assessment Cram Course

Maternity Nursing Cram Course

Medical-Surgical Cram Course

Nutrition Cram Course

Pediatrics Cram Course

Pharmacology Cram Course

Psychiatric Mental Health Cram Course

Contact Hours

Earn contact hours while learning relevant content.

ABG Interpretation

EKG Interpretation

Pharmacology Review of Cardiovascular Medications

Pharmacology Review of Psychiatric Medications

Incivility in Nursing

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Reproductive Care

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care Basics for Healthcare Professionals

Pressure Injury Prevention & Treatment

End of Life Care

Lower Extremity Wounds

Identification and Management of Sepsis

Other Valuable Courses

Dosage Calculation Course

NCLEX Prep Course

Ask A Nurse

Level Up RN Shorts

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