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Hi!  My name is Cathy Parkes BSN, RN, CWCN, PHN. I work as a certified wound care nurse in Southern California.

While in nursing school (ABSN program, California State University San Marcos, Class of 2015), I worked hard to master the material presented in each of my classes. As a result, I was able to score at the highest level for all of my ATI proctored exams (usually scoring in the 90s). However, some of my classmates were struggling to pass the ATI comprehensive exam at the end of nursing school. At our school, passing this important test was a pre-requisite for graduating. In order to help my friends over this hurdle, I held many study sessions to go over the most important concepts. Everyone ended up passing, and we all graduated together! :)

Word got out to other nursing school cohorts about my study sessions, and I received many requests to do more study sessions. Given my limited time with my job and family responsibilities, I decided that creating videos and posting them online would allow more people to benefit from my study tips. So, I started my YouTube channel in July 2017, and based on the comments I've received so far, it has helped many people to successfully pass their exams.

Feedback from nursing students on my YouTube channel prompted me to take the next step to create this website, in order to better support nursing students in their journey to become RNs. Being a nurse is an incredibly rewarding career, but the journey to becoming an RN is challenging. It is my hope that I can help make this journey a little easier for you so that you can realize your dream of becoming a nurse.

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