Level Up Your Career in Healthcare with Level Up RN

Want to be prepared to CRUSH your next job?

Struggling in your current role?

Wanting to round out your knowledge or refresh your knowledge in preparation for a new role?

Looking to Level Up throughout your career?

Our mission is to help practicing healthcare professionals master the material required to be successful and provide safe patient care.

Based on the feedback to date, we've discovered that a combination of academic coursework and supplemental resources like ours, provides the immersion required for professionals to master the material and be on their way to a great career.

Educational / Onboarding / Training Leaders

Are you looking for a robust onboarding program that will assist many different practicing professionals at your facility? Level Up RN can help get your new hires specific content needed for their role to deliver updated, evidence-based, high quality, safe patient care.

Level Up RN resources that are applicable to a large number of employees include: Medical Terminology, EKG, Lab Values, Pharmacology, and Clinical Nursing Skills. We also have peer-reviewed content specific to specialty units including: Medical-Surgical, Wound Care, Pediatric Nursing, Maternity, and Psychiatric Mental Health. Let's work together to design a program that works for your organization and your employees' needs.


"You can use them to study for your ANCC boards, too! I help Psychiatric-Mental Health nurses prepare for the ANCC PMH-RN board certification exam, and I've found that Cathy's Mental Health Nursing study cards are a great additional study tool. They summarize key concepts in clear, concise language, and I like how they are organized. Easy to study when you have a few minutes here and there."

- Allison M.

Certified Nursing Assistants / Patient Care Assistants

  • Gain confidence in the healthcare setting.
  • Improve skills & competencies in your role.
  • Hit the ground running in your new role.
  • Advance your career.


"I am very happy that I was able to get my hands on Level Up RN's flashcards. I have been a CNA for the past 8 years and am currently in an LVN program. I love that you can take the flashcards with you ANYWHERE. Studying on-the-go is a must, since I am a full time student, full time hospital worker and full time mother. Cathy makes learning easier to understand. I am currently taking her advice on how to study with the cards and I HIGHLY recommend you watch her YouTube videos. I play them while I'm in the car. Thank you again and good luck to you all on your nursing journey. MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!!"

-Ashley J, CNA

Licensed Practical Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses

  • Improve skills & competencies.
  • Train for a new specialty by reviewing content prior to your transition.
  • Improve skills in ABG/EKG Interpretation.
  • Take learning materials with you and review on-the-go or reference during your work day.
  • Advance your career by furthering your education to become an RN.
  • Learn and develop new skills to add to your existing knowledge.


"I have many of Level Up RN's different flashcards. They are very informative, helpful, and the Cool Chicken (that gives you a way to memorize facts) is extremely helpful.

I work on a Med-Surg floor as an LPN. I hear different rhythms, lab values, terminology, and see expressions on my charge nurse's and Dr.'s face, so I know it’s serious, but to me, being an LPN, I am thinking to myself, "what’s the big deal?"

Let’s just say these Lab Values, EKG, & Meds cards have really helped. I'm looking forward to the Mental Health ones as in my 2nd job I work on a Mental Health Unit, and all the different meds are PO and IM, which is a lot of times what you are giving. They will be very helpful for me.

Thank you for making these cards."

- Denise W.

Registered Nurses

  • New grad RN? Review and prepare for your new job in your specialty area.
  • Registered Nurse outside the US? Study for the NCLEX to get certified as a nurse in your new state.
  • Improve skills & competencies in an organized, easy-to-review format.
  • Improve skills in ABG/EKG Interpretation.
  • Take learning materials with you and review on-the-go or reference during your work day.
  • Specialize in wound care or take the test to become a Certified Wound Care nurse.


"As a new graduate registered nurse, I would highly recommend the Medical-Surgical Nursing Flashcards. They are perfect for reviewing major concepts in a concise way."

- Candice Q.


"It's really helping make me more confident. For many years, I have been a registered nurse in my home country, but I just moved to the US last year and I need help to get my registration here! Thanks a lot for these cards; they really help."

- Grania S.


Excellent. I have been a practicing nurse for 28 years. I have switched disciplines this year and found your website. The videos and flashcards have been incredibly helpful. Thank You!!! Just what I was looking for. I can listen to the lectures on my walks too!

- Therese S.