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What students are saying about us.

You may have first learned about Cathy Parkes from your students, many of whom have found our materials very helpful.

Cathy’s YouTube videos and flashcards deliver the core subject matter in digestible formats that are highly portable and always available.

Our materials, combined with Cathy’s warm personality and easy to follow delivery style with relatable examples and mnemonics, or memory aids, are helping students study more effectively across the country.

We firmly believe the best learning is multimodal (classroom, books, video, audio, study aids). Your feedback reinforces our belief that we can be part of the larger set of tools and solutions that educators seek to implement.

  • Rita Armstrong
  • Dr. Rita Armstrong

    Dean of Nursing
    Bryant & Stratton College Virginia Beach

    As the Dean of Nursing for Bryant & Stratton College Virginia Beach, I have had the privilege of observing the profound impact of Level Up RN on both students and faculty in the nursing education community. The enthusiasm and positive feedback I have encountered are a testament to the effectiveness and innovation that Level Up RN brings to the field.

    Student Satisfaction: A Leap in Learning

    Nursing students have expressed immense satisfaction with how Level Up RN enhances their learning experience. The platform's engaging content and user-friendly interface make complex topics more digestible and easier to retain. Students particularly appreciate the integration of active learning strategies, which transforms their study sessions from passive reading to interactive, engaging experiences. The use of Level Up RN has not only boosted their confidence but also deepened their understanding of the nursing curriculum.

    Faculty Endorsement: A Tool for Excellence

    Faculty members have incorporated Level Up RN into their teaching methodologies with remarkable results. It serves as an invaluable tool for implementing active learning strategies in classrooms and laboratories. Instructors find the platform's resources perfectly aligned with course objectives, making it easier to teach intricate concepts, especially in pharmacology lectures and labs. The versatility of Level Up RN allows educators to customize their teaching approach, ensuring that each lesson is both informative and captivating.

    Beyond the Classroom: Engaging and Fun Learning

    What sets Level Up RN apart is its ability to make learning fun. Students and faculty alike have enjoyed using the platform for educational games. These games add an element of excitement to the learning process, encouraging friendly competition and deeper engagement with the material. This gamified approach has proven to be an excellent way to reinforce learning and assess understanding in a stress-free environment.

    In conclusion, Level Up RN is not just a learning tool; it is a comprehensive educational experience that brings joy and effectiveness to the journey of nursing education. Both students and faculty have embraced it wholeheartedly, making it an indispensable part of the nursing academic landscape.

  • Rebecca Long

    Rebecca Long MSN, RN

    Lecturer of Nursing
    College of Coastal Georgia

    "I have been following Level Up RN for several years. Even though I'm not a student, I enjoyed the refresher aspect of following along with the videos as they touched on subjects that I don't use on a day-to-day basis.

    Currently I use the Maternity Nursing flashcards as a review while orienting and precepting students and new employees on the unit on which I work. I originally purchased them as a review as I was preparing to take the OB certification.

    I recently purchased the Health Assessment flashcards and have used them as a guide on how to explain things in a clear, concise manner.

    The flashcards have been extremely accurate. I have not located any discrepancies. Level Up RN has quite a following here at CCGA! Students use the videos, many have purchased the cards and several have the Nursing School Planner!"

  • Debra Buck

    Debra Buck, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN

    Professor, Nursing; Contributing Nursing Faculty; Adjunct Nursing Faculty
    Kellogg Community College; Walden University; Spring Arbor university

    I currently use the Level Up RN videos as educational aides and refer students to the website. The flashcards are very common sense and easy for students to follow. They are very helpful as they are short and to-the-point.