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Flashables - Digital Nursing Flashcards - Pharmacology Edition

Flashables - Digital Nursing Flashcards - Pharmacology Edition

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What's included?

  • Pharmacology Basics
  • Respiratory System Medications
  • Cardiovascular System Medications
  • Nervous System Medications
  • Musculoskeletal System Medications
  • Endocrine System Medications
  • Gastrointestinal System Medications
  • Renal System Medications
  • Reproductive System Medications
  • Immune System Medications
  • Integumentary System Medications


Accelerate your learning with our signature flashcard content in an on-the-go digital format with guided, personalized learning and progress tracking.

Are you ready for next-level learning? 

Get started with a single click.

Every nursing journey is unique, and Flashables are here to support yours. Powering up has never been simpler:

  • Study Now - study any subject with confidence with a guided experience that gives you the right amount of repetition for mastery, while breezing through the material you already know. Just click the orange button!
  • Break down big subjects - each subject is broken down into smaller topics and sub-topics called stacks so you can study in the short bursts that have been proven effective!
  • Save it! - Save single flashcards or entire stacks for quick reference.
  • Prove you're prepared - Track your progress across a stack, your saved cards or an entire subject. Don't think you're ready. KNOW you're ready. 

What stacks (sections) are included in the Pharmacology Edition?

All of the sections included in our Pharmacology Flashcards, Edition 3 (making it a perfect companion) can be found in the Pharmacology Edition.


Flashables - Digital Nursing Flashcards - Medical Terminology Edition are also included with Pharmacology!

149 flashcards divided into: Overview (Parts of Medical Terms; Combining Prefix, Root, & Suffixes), Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes, and Anatomical Terms.

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    Streamline your studies

    Whether you are prepping for the NCLEX or getting ready for a Pharm exam, you're covered with Flashables. The right information with no fluff, delivered at the rhythm you need. Studying has never been more straightforward!

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    Prepare Anywhere

    From the carpool line to the beach, anytime is a good time to review. The Level Up RN Nurse Team has always recommended students take a handful of flashcards on the go, but now you can slip them all into your pocket!

  • Clicking

    One tap = Smarter Studying

    Just tap STUDY NOW and take advantage of our algorithm that learns as you do. We've taken the best way to study flashcards and made it as simple as hitting a button.

  • Dashboard

    Watch yourself Level Up

    Your flashcard dashboard will help you track your progress across every subject. You'll know when you're prepared—Leveling Up has never been more clear!

  • Favorite

    Focus. Save. Repeat.

    Personalize your learning with saved flashcards and stacks. Concentrate on a handful of critical concepts or create a cross-subject flashcard stack. Save what you want for quick access.

  • Stacks of flashcards


    Just like our physical flashcards, Flashables are broken down into smaller sections or "stacks" (curated for optimal study by the Level Up RN Nurse Team) to help you break your studies into manageable chunks. Take it a step at a time as you Level Up in each and every one!

Flashables - Digital Nursing Flashcards - Pharmacology Edition


How do I get access to Flashables?

You can get access when you purchase either a one-time license or a subscription to any Flashables product.

Can I upgrade to the NCLEX Edition?

Yes! You can switch products (with a discounted charge to move to the NCLEX edition) from your customer profile under "Manage Subscriptions". Or you can reach out at and our team will get that moving for you!

When does my access expire? What if I need to cancel my subscription?

Your access will expire one year after your last successful subscription payment. It will continue as long as you are subscribed! You can cancel at any time, but your access will stay active until one year after your last successful payment.

When does my Flashables license or subscription become active?

Your Flashables license will become active immediately after your payment. Check your email for instructions on how to log in and get started!

Can I get a refund on Flashables?

Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds at this time; however, it is quick and easy to cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the best way to use Flashables?

There are no WRONG ways to use Flashables! We recommend, especially if you are just getting started trying any subject and diving right in with the big, orange STUDY NOW button. Any time you hit STUDY NOW, whether you are in a subject or a smaller stack of flashcards, the learning system will track how you score each flashcard and where you leave off. When you come back, you can pick right back up where you left off, and over time the system will show you the flashcards that you don't know as well more frequently and those that you've mastered less frequently.

How do I add flashcards to my Saved Content list?

  • You can add any flashcard to your Favorite Cards by clicking the small orange Save button on the bottom left corner of your screen while on any flashcard.
  • Click it a second time (the button will now say "Saved" and will be dark magenta) and you can remove it from your Favorites!
  • OR When viewing any subject or smaller stack, scroll down to view the list of cards. You can add any card to your Favorite Cards by clicking the grey heart icon next to the card title. It will turn dark magenta to indicate that it has been added to your Favorite Cards!
  • Additionally, you can add an entire sub-stack of flashcards to your Saved Content by clicking on the grey heart icon next to the sub-stack name.

How does Flashables scoring work?

Scoring is at the heart of the Flashables experience.

You will have 3 options: (WTF?!, Learning, and Leveled UP) when you flip each flashcard.

  • Click on the magenta "WTF?!" icon if you are completely unfamiliar with the content on the flashcard.
  • Choose the blue "Learning" icon if you are somewhat familiar with the content on the flashcard but need some reminding.
  • Choose the orange "Leveled Up" icon if you are confident you really understand the material.

When studying an individual card, your Favorite cards, or your list of already scored cards, you will also have the option to SKIP scoring to move more quickly to the next card.

Flashables - Digital Nursing Flashcards - Pharmacology Edition