How flashcards can be a nursing educator's best friend


Review course content prior to exams and finals

Flashcards can get your students engaged and excited about learning. As a nursing educator, you might be able to remember how overwhelming all of the content was when you were studying to become an RN. In our nursing flashcards, we have condensed the content into manageable sections and provided tips and tricks on how to remember the information. As an educator, you can use these flashcards to help guide your reviews and allow students to review key concepts in an interactive and fun way in the classroom.

Gamifying reviews

One nursing instructor shared with us the awesome way she uses our flashcards for exam reviews.

"I like my review sessions to be interactive and in a gaming format. Students love the friendly competition all while making learning fun. It's a game-changer when your instructor walks into class with a giant Jenga game and asks, 'Who's ready to review?'

I have my students play Jenga but every time a block is removed from the tower, a student must draw from the deck of Level Up RN flashcards before moving to the next player. This is when the review of content kicks in.

The student reads the topic on the card to the rest of the class and they work collectively to recall all important concepts related to the specific topic.

In no time, my students are having so much fun seeing who will tip the tower of Jenga blocks that they forget they are in a nursing class reviewing for an upcoming exam!"

Evaluating if the review session was beneficial

Student feedback has been extremely positive in scenarios like the above. Students say they enjoy making learning fun and competitive and discussing the content that they recall.

This allows students to identify their own areas of weakness. They prefer this over traditional lectures and slide presentations.

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