How educators can use flashcards in a flipped classroom


Students teaching one another

In a flipped classroom, students should be coming to lecture prepared and ready to apply the knowledge they have reviewed at home.

Instead of the educator sitting at the front of the class lecturing from a slide presentation, the students teach each other. The educator is there to facilitate and ask questions as needed. Students can be broken into small groups, with each group being given a topic to focus on.

Students usually need time to prepare their lecture portion for the day. Level Up RN flashcards can be used to support the flipped classroom format, by allowing students to use the flashcards to guide their lecture and focus on important content. Our to-the-point flashcards can function as a type of cue card for the student who is presenting their lecture.

Unfolding case studies

An unfolding case study is another instructional strategy that overlaps with the flipped classroom scenario. In an unfolding case study, students are oftentimes required to look up information related to the patient diagnosis, laboratory values, and specific medications the patient is currently prescribed.

Level Up RN flashcards can be used as a student aid in this unfolding case study scenario—Using the flashcards while providing care to the simulated patient allows students to have an additional resource outside of the patient chart.

The flashcards can help guide critical thinking while allowing students to dive deeper into the content they previously learned in a traditional classroom setting. The flashcards can be similarly useful in a clinical setting.

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