EKG Interpretation, part 1: Introduction


In this introduction video, Cathy goes over the key information that will be covered in her EKG interpretation video series, which is intended to help nurses, nursing students, and other medical professionals/students understand and interpret electrocardiogram results.

Full Transcript: EKG Interpretation, part 1: Introduction

Hi, I'm Cathy, and this is the first video in my EKG interpretation video series. I built this series to help nurses and nursing students learn how to identify and analyze EKG strips, however, other medical professionals or students may find value in this video series as well.

Throughout this video series, I will be referencing my EKG Interpretation Flashcards, which are available on leveluprn.com. You don't need to have these flashcards in order to be able to follow along and to get value out of this video series, however, it's really helpful as a reference and also to learn through repetition, which is always really important in nursing school.

In this video series, we will talk about placement of the EKG leads.

We'll talk about steps in the heart conduction system and how these steps are recorded on an EKG waveform.

We'll talk about the steps in interpreting an EKG strip, so determining the heart rhythm, the heart rate, analyzing the P wave, the PR interval, and the QRS complex.

Then we will talk about the natural pacemakers in the heart and how to differentiate a sinus rhythm from an atrial rhythm from a junctional rhythm and a ventricular rhythm.

And then we'll get into what I believe are the most important dysrhythmias you need to be able to identify and differentiate.

And then, finally, we will talk about how electrolyte imbalances, as well as respiratory and cardiac disorders, can affect an EKG.

And we'll talk about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of bradycardia as well as tachycardia.

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I took EKG Course many moons 1986 years ago. And would like to freshen up on skills and any new educational learning experience. Sincerely GaleAnn Parry LPN

GaleAnn Parry

Hi Cathy! I am currently in training for an EKG tech. I am so thankful I came across your videos. Your explanation on topics were spot on. I was able to understand more clearly because of you. Thank you for sharing your videos!!


Hi Cathy,good to be here


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