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Level Up RN’s Nursing School Survival Kit has arrived! Check out Meris Shuwarger as she explains the different parts of the kit that she is super excited about!

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Full Transcript: Unboxing the Nursing School Survival Kit

Hey, guys. It's Meris with Level Up RN, and I am so unbelievably excited to unbox our newest product with you. This is something that the entire Level Up RN team has been working on for just countless hours, and it is the joy of my life to finally be able to get to share it with you. This is my real unboxing. I have not opened this. I have not looked at it. I just got it and I'm really, really excited to share this moment with you. So without any further ado, let's unbox the Ultimate Nursing School Survival Kit. I'm so excited. Okay. So as you can see, this is the Ultimate Nursing School Survival Kit. It comes in this incredible box, I'm really, really into this, and this is so exciting. I can't wait to show you. Okay. Let's do it.

Ooh. Oh my gosh, I've only seen renderings of this and pictures somebody else took. Oh my gosh, I'm shaking. I'm so excited. Okay. It says, "We're rooting for you. The Level Up RN nurse squad," and we are. And we put this on here because, as you know, we are always in your corner. We are always trying to do the right thing for you to help you to be more successful in nursing school and your clinical careers. And we are so excited whenever you share your successes with us, so we are always rooting for you. Now what may be difficult for you to see at this angle-- I'm going to try and prop it up for you. Oh my gosh, these are the third edition of our flashcards. So some of these-- oh my gosh, sorry. These are all now in boxes of their own. So as you can see, each one has its own box and it's labeled just like this so that you can tell at a glance what you're looking at. Let's take pharm, for example. I'll put this guy down for a second. Ooh. So here's pharm. This is what it looked like in the box. You can put it on your shelf this way so that you can see this and grab it whenever you need it. But here is pharmacology edition three, and this now comes in this incredible box. Let's open it together and I'll show you what it looks like inside.

Okay. So let's go ahead and unbox pharmacology so that you can see how awesome this looks. So each of the boxes is individually shrink-wrapped and they all have this really nice cohesive look to them. And once you get the shrink wrap off-- okay, here we go, pharm with the box-- ooh. Yes. Yes. This was very satisfying to me. And, look, we now have-- all of the tabs are in here already for you in the right spots. You don't need to put tabs. But here's the even better part is that the tabs now go all the way across, so they're not just little square guys that stick up and then fall over and shift over and everything. The tab is full width of the box so the tab always stays where it's supposed to. I'm really excited about that fact. That is something that drove me crazy personally. Okay. Let's see here. Let me get this band off. Oh my gosh. I'm so excited you guys. Okay. So here we are with our box of pharmacology. I've taken the banding off of it now so that we can see. One of the things that was really important to us was we hate if you have a box of cards and you take the top off and the box is only the width of the cards. You don't have the ability to thumb through and look for anything. So we made sure on purpose that there's a good chunk of wiggle room in here so that you can fit your fingers in and scooch things around and look down at what's on the card without having to take the entire stack out because that is really frustrating, at least it is to us.

So as you can see, we have the deck tab here. This is pharmacology. Then it tells you the sections of each deck, so we have farm basics, then we have medications by body system. And following that, we have the actual body system tabs. And then, of course, we have a tab for our index and then our learning system where you can file the cards under new learning or leveled up. So if something is brand new to you, you can put it in that tab so you can review it more frequently. If you're familiar with it, but haven't mastered it, you put it in the second tab. And then if you're like, "Yeah, I've got this," put it behind the third tab. And that way, you know what information you need to study the most frequently and what stuff you need to review only once in a while. I'm so incredibly excited about this. Having these edition three flashcards available in these boxes, individually labeled, ready to go, the right size, the whole nine yards, is a game changer because this means that you can always have it on hand without having to have multiple boxes with multiple decks in each box. So this way, you know exactly what you're grabbing off the shelf. I'm so incredibly excited about this.

But there's more, of course, because of course there is. Did you notice this little guy? What do you think this little guy is? Well, I'll tell you. This is your Level Up RN to-go box or on-the-go box or whatever you want to call it. One of the things that we heard from you guys was, "I love to take some of the cards that I'm studying with me in my bag to school, to clinicals. While I'm waiting to be seen in the doctor's office, while I'm waiting for my kids in the car pick up line, I like to be reviewing cards, but I don't like to take the cards with me because I get nervous that they're going to get damaged." And I totally hear you because I was exactly the same with Level Up RN when I was in school. So that is why we have a little go box for you so that you can take whatever cards you're studying, stick them here in this little to-go box, wait for it, and it closes magnetically so that all of your cards are neatly and nicely contained in this little box. You can throw this in your purse or in your backpack. And you can rest assured that whenever, wherever, you'll be ready with your Level Up RN cards.

So whether you are just starting nursing school or you are preparing for NCLEX, maybe you are switching specialties and you want to review your knowledge within that specialty, we have made it as easy as possible for you. And also, if you're just starting nursing school, this is the ideal thing to get when you're starting out. It makes a great gift for the nursing student in your life, but this is going to cover everything that you need to know from day one. We've got funds, peds, pharm, health assessment, lab values, and ABG, skills - fundamental skills, so how do you actually put an NG tube down, how you start a Foley catheter - nutrition, psych, med-surg, maternity, and here is EKG. Everything you need for nursing school is right here in this box. We are so incredibly excited to help you succeed in a new and better way, and to have this information more at hand, more easily accessible, better organized, more durable, and easily at hand at all times.

I can't wait to hear what you think about this. Please, please, please, if you grab these and even if you buy just one individually or the whole kit, whatever you decide to do, I would love to see pictures of this in your study space. I want to see all of the cool ways that you find to fit this into your desk, how you figure out how to make your study space more fun, more functional, and more exciting for you. So please tag us on social at Level Up RN if you are using any of these products and you want us to see how you use them. I would love that. My favorite thing is when you guys tag us on social, watching one of our videos with our flashcards. That's my favorite thing, just knowing that we're studying together even if we are across the world from one another. Even if you're watching a video that is a couple of years old, I still feel like I'm studying with you and it makes me really happy to be able to do that. All right. Thanks so much and happy studying.

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