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Tip of the Day Calendar

Tip of the Day Calendar

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What's included?

Our Tip of the Day perpetual flip calendar is the must-have item for the desk of any nursing student, new grad, and/or seasoned nurse looking to incorporate an extra bit of learning into their day. This colorful 366-day calendar is designed to be used from year-to-year. Printed without days (just dates), simply turn the page to reveal the next date.

The Tip of the Day Calendar has 366 tips individually curated by our team of expert nurses and nurse educators to reinforce some of the MOST important tips to help you be successful in nursing school and your nursing career.

  • This calendar includes tips from many of our most popular flashcards, addressing fields of study important to all nursing students and practicing nurses, such as:
    • Health Assessment
    • Fundamentals (including gerontology, community health, and leadership)
    • Medical-Surgical (including pathophysiology and critical care nursing)
    • Nutrition Essentials
    • Pharmacology Basics
    • Pharmacology
    • Pediatrics
    • Maternity
    • Psychiatric Mental Health
  • Our famous Cool Chicken hints are found throughout.
  • The most important information of each tip is called out with bold formatting in order to help draw the eye and create strong visual links to enhance memory.

This engaging calendar is the perfect gift for anyone starting nursing school, currently in nursing school, preparing for the NCLEX, or currently practicing. The information contained within is applicable to both PN and RN students and nurses alike.

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    Tip of the Day Calendar