LevelUpRN Nursing Flashcard Discounts and Deals

Build Your Own Bundle!

We have had a lot of requests for volume discounts on cards. 

Can I buy at a discount?

Can I buy for the whole class?

Can we use savings to fundraise for our Cohort?

We listened. And you can now get bulk discounts directly on the site. 

How it works

STEP 1: Add desired cards to your cart. 

STEP 2: Get quantity based discounts automatically. 

STEP 3: Level Up on your exams & nursing career.

Combine orders with your classmates to save on both the cards and the shipping.

Who is this for?

Any individual who buys 5 or more sets of cards.

Any group of students who buys 5 or more sets of cards, together

Any cohort committee that wants to buy a class set to sell to their class for list price with the goal of using the extra cash to fund cohort activities.

Anyone. It's really for anyone. 

How much do we save?

Minimum Cart Quantity Discount Percentage Potential Savings*
5 3% $43.35 **
10 4% $90.60
25 5% $236.25

* Will vary based on the value of the product mix in your cart.

** (5 sets x $39 (e.g., Pediatric Nursing Flashcards) x 3%) + (5 sets x $7.50 shipping for each set) = $43.50 total savings.

Can I mix & match cards?

You bet.

As long as you purchase FIVE or more total qualifying items,* you get a discount. You can mix and match as much as you want!

*Sorry, discount doesn't apply to Flashcard Bundles