The Five-a-Day Challenge


Getting the most out of Level Up RN's study materials including our Flashcards, Membership and Flashables is as easy as Five a Day.

Watch as Cathy explains how Five a Day is the key to realistic, sustainable study habits that will get you through nursing school!

Take the Five-a-Day Challenge for a month, and see how YOU level up!

Here's how it works:

  1. Review five key concepts a day by watching five short videos or studying five flashcards. Level Up RN's study materials are perfect for this!
  2. Repeat daily, forming a habit of studying in small, brain-friendly doses.
  3. Track your progress, noticing what you need to review more and how much you are mastering with consistent effort.
  4. Celebrate as you Level Up!

Full Transcript: The Five-a-Day Challenge

If you're looking to build realistic and sustainable study habits that will get you through nursing school, try five per day.

So I'm not talking about five fruits and vegetables per day, which is also a good idea, but reviewing five flashcards every day or watching five short videos every day. This does not require a lot of time.

Our flashcards are brief and to the point, and our videos are typically five to seven minutes in length, so it is not a big lift. And over time, five a day adds up.

For example, if you study five flashcards per day from our pharmacology flashcards, after 42 days, you will have gone through the entire deck. The bottom line is that we have broken down the content into manageable bite-sized chunks.

So if you watch five videos per day or review five flashcards per day, you are going to get through all of that material and be able to do so at a manageable and reasonable pace.

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