Five a Day: Hack Your Syllabus


Use Five a Day with your syllabus & tailor it to how you learn!

Cathy explains how you can use Level Up RN materials in conjunction with your classroom syllabus to walk in confident and ready to get your questions answered.

Full Transcript: Five a Day: Hack Your Syllabus

If you really want to improve your understanding and retention of information in nursing school, try carving out a small amount of time to watch a few videos and/or review a few flash cards before going to class.

Chances are you're going to be assigned five or more chapters to read before each class.

And let's face it, there are not enough hours in the day to make that happen on a sustainable basis. So a lot of students come into the class cold, meaning they haven't done the pre-reading and aren't familiar with the material that will be presented in the class.

But if you take less than 30 minutes to watch five videos and/or review five flash cards before each class, then you'll go into class and hear that information for a second time, which will help you understand the material at a much deeper level and give you the opportunity to ask clarifying questions, which is much harder if you're hearing the information for the first time.

So take a look at your syllabus and see what topics will be covered in your upcoming class and then review our videos and/or our flash cards on those topics before coming to class.

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