Five a Day: Efficiency RULES


Level Up RN's content is designed to get right to the point.

It makes our flashcards, videos and Flashables perfect for studying whenever (or wherever) you have a few minutes. Cathy explains how a few extra minutes + Five a Day sets you up for success!

Full Transcript: Five a Day: Efficiency RULES

When you're in nursing school, it is so important to be as efficient with your time as possible. Our flashcards and videos are straight to the point without all the fluff to save you time and help you be efficient.

With our 5-A-Day challenge, I urge you to think about all the little blocks of time during your day where you could watch a quick video or review a flashcard.

For example, a lot of nursing students listen to our videos during their commute to nursing school, which is a great use of type.

You can also watch a quick video or review a flashcard in between classes or when you're in the waiting room at your doctor's office or when you're taking a walk, wherever you have a few extra minutes of time.

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