Anatomy of a Flashcard


Anatomy of a Flashcard: Matte back (perfect for pen or pencil notes), Glossy front, organized and color-coded by section or body system, call-outs of the key information & concepts, icons to identify associated body system, numbered for quick reference, cross references to related content in other Level Up RN decks, fun tips and memory devices, feeling overwhelmed? focus on the red bold items

Level Up RN flashcards come with:

  • Glossy front but a matte back that's perfect for pen or pencil notes.
  • Organizational elements to keep them color-coded by section or body system.
  • Call-outs of the key information & concepts.
  • Icons to identify associated body system.
  • Numbers for quick reference.
  • Cross references to related content in other Level Up RN flashcard decks—it's all connected!
  • Fun tips and memory devices.
  • Red bold items to indicate what's MOST important. Focus on those if you're feeling overwhelmed!
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Do u sell Anatomy and physiology flash cards

Shirley Rodriguez

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