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Introduction to the Pediatric Nursing playlist and our accompanying Pediatric Nursing flashcards.

Full Transcript: Peds - Introduction

Hi. I'm Cathy, with Level Up RN. This is the first video in our updated pediatric nursing video playlist, where we will be following along with our pediatric nursing flashcards, which are available at So this video playlist and our cards are designed to help you learn the most important facts and concepts you need to know to be successful on your nursing school exams, on the NCLEX, and in nursing practice. So in these videos, we will not go through all the information that you can find in our flashcards, but we will be hitting many of the key points. If you do have our flashcards, be sure to pay close attention to the bold red text, as those are going to be the most important points you need to know about the topics. This video playlist and our flashcards can benefit both RN as well as PN students. If you are a practical nursing student, the important thing to remember is your scope of practice.
So at the end of many of the videos that we will be providing, we will give you a quiz to test your knowledge of some of the key points we covered in the video. So definitely stay tuned till the end of each video so you can check your knowledge. So in the coming videos, I'm going to hand the reins over to Maris, who's going to take you through the principle section of pediatric nursing, as well as growth and development topics. After that, she's going to hand the reins back over to me, and I will be going over alterations in health, so basically, disorders. So stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe to our channel if you haven't done so already. We have hundreds of free videos and resources for you to help support you throughout nursing school. Also, be sure to hit that bell so you can get notified when we upload new videos. Take care and happy studying.

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