Med-Surg Endocrine System, part 1: Introduction & Key functions


Overview of what will be covered in the Medical-Surgical Nursing Endocrine system playlist. Plus, an Anatomy and Physiology review of the Endocrine system including its key functions.

Full Transcript: Med-Surg Endocrine System, part 1: Introduction & Key functions

Hi, my name is Cathy, and this is the first video in my new Medical-Surgical Nursing Endocrine Playlist. So this playlist has been designed to help you with your nursing school class exams, your predictor exams, such as ATI, HESI, or Kaplan. It is also designed to help you prepare for the NCLEX and to be a safe and effective nurse. So as I go through the videos in this playlist, I will be following along with my new Medical-Surgical Nursing Edition 2 cards. So if you have this deck, I will be in volume 2. And you don't need this deck to follow along and get value out of this video series. However, if you don't buy our flashcards, I definitely recommend that you make your own flashcards, because repetition is so key for nursing, particularly here with the endocrine system.

So in this video series, we will first go over an anatomy and physiology review of the endocrine system. And then we will get into the different disorders and diseases related to the endocrine system. And throughout these videos, we will also touch on critical care topics related to the endocrine system as well.

So let's first talk about the overall function of the endocrine system, which is the release of hormones. So hormones are like chemical messengers. So these hormones are released from organs and glands in the body, and we'll go over all of those. And they allow for many different functions in the body. This includes growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, electrolyte and acid-base balance, as well as the body's response to infection, illness, and stress. So the endocrine system has a lot of control over the body. If a particular gland or organ releases too many hormones, right - we have too much - that can cause a disorder. And if an organ or gland releases too little of that hormone, then we can also end up with a disorder as well. So a lot of the disorders and diseases we'll talk about are because of too much or too little of those hormones.

So in the next video, we will talk about all the different organs and glands that are really important for the endocrine system and what key hormones they release. So if you find value in these videos, be sure to leave us a comment, subscribe to our channel, and I'll see you with the next video!

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